Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Additional reading for Chapter 1

Here are some links you might find useful. In particular, the animated tutorials are a good learning aid; they come from a textbook called Chemistry - the Science in Context by Gilbert, Kirss and Davies and published by WW Norton.
- TutorialsElectromagnetic Radiation | Light Emission and Absorption | Bohr Model | De Broglie Wavelength | Quantum Numbers | Electron Configuration
- has a great online resource called The Quantised World (you'll recognize some of the figures from the lecture book).
- an excellent, if somewhat long, tutorial from Physics2000, on the Quantum Atom. It goes on to Beyond the Hydrogen Atom.
- Check out the Orbitron, a gallery of atomic orbitals and molecular orbitals.
- Breaking Bad - Walt's science lesson
Army of Darkness
Modern materials in the iPhone


Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to have the due dates for the Mastering Chemistry practice assignments renewed? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The chapter 1 homework is due tomorrow night, but we have not even finished chapter 1 in class yet. Is there any way that this assignment deadline could be extended to give us more time to do the questions? I think this is a fair request because the homework is not for marks and we have not finished the chapter yet.
Thank you.

Scott McIndoe said...

Dr Briggs has commented on this issue elsewhere on the blog.