Sunday, December 1, 2013

iClicker registration

A few of you have not yet successfully registered your iclickers:

Students in Section A01 (MR 1300):
agillesp aheiter ashkan bythesea cmhof daximos denders dhewison fjgirard freemanj giannott halajian halleon hwikim kieras krix liamp luked moniquej moseszvs ncotejac pilatop ryderhoy sshtein tallaric theeruha wallis wkuun wootton4 xcsolis

Students in Section A02 (TWF 0930):

amyllyko ankitas aturvey chishiki dcporter dhamelin elianab iainreid jasmine1 mackaybr mattbian megancht mfdoom nagisa86 nishado pji raunaq rsdale 

If your NetlinkID appears on the list above, please go here to register your clicker. That will match up the responses you've already given this term with your clicker to your student ID.


Anonymous said...

How do I know whether my iclicker has registered or not? I saw my name on the list, so I tried submitting the code for the second time.

Scott McIndoe said...

I will update the list in a few days and delete the names of people who have successfully registered.

Anonymous said...

Can you please update the list. thanks

Scott McIndoe said...

I have - if you have registered your remote and you still appear on this list, you should email me with your NetlinkID and iclicker number, and I will try to sort it out.